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FinEduExpo 30.9.2021


Jussi Koivisto, Code School Finland
Three Keys to Successful Coding Education
Jussi Koivisto presents the three keys to successful coding education.
Dr. Tiina Mäkelä, University of Jyväskylä
RESEARCH: Schools Went Online Over One Weekend: Opportunities and Challenges of Online Education Related to the COVID-19 Crisis
In this presentation, opportunities and challenges for online education are explored from the perspective of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Active Break by PALOeducation: Stretching
Eija Leskinen, Finnish Active Learning
Teija Kauppi, Finnish Active Learning
Math Journey - Seeking for the Joy of Learning
Eija Leskinen and Teija Kauppi present different motivating and versatile learning environments that diversify mathematics teaching and learning. They will also introduce you fun active learning ideas for mathematics lessons.
Active Break by PALOeducation: Numbergun
RESEARCH: Use and Acceptance of Technology: Teachers Digipedagogical Skills
This presentation focuses on teachers' digipedagogical skills and what factors contribute to teachers' development in these skills and their acceptance of use of technology in pedagogy.
Active Break by PALOeducation: Finger Exercise
Kari I. Mattila,
Mission Impossible: Improved Retention Rate + Academic Results + Finances + Teacher Wellbeing?
In this presentation, Kari Mattila will present a few aspects behind the equation that seems impossible.
Samuli Pentinniemi, PALOeducation
Active School Days: Increasing Physical Activiness on School Days
Samuli Pentinniemi presents why teachers should increase physical activeness in school days and shows simple ways to do it.
Active Break by PALOeducation: Scarecrow
Teemu Kuutila, EduEffect Ltd.
Introduction to Language Showering: an Expert Interview Teemu Kuutila
Teemu Kuutila, an expert of language teaching, is interviewed about the practical approach to language showering.
Pinja Sipari, BMOL ry
What is Teacher's Climate Guide
Teacher’s climate guide is an education package for subject teachers. It explains climate change in the context of each school subject, and provides exercises and visual material. It also contains tips for multidisciplinary climate education, tips for integrating climate change in education and activities at the primary level, and basic information about climate change and climate education.
Timo Ilomäki, Gradia, Schildt upper secondary school
Guidance in High Schools of Finland
Timo Ilomäki speaks about counselling in secondary degree education in Finland.
The Paradigm of Change from Classroom to Virtual Teaching
This presentation is about the strategical challenges when the paradigm needs to be changed from traditional classroom teaching to online teaching and learning.

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